Write On!

In addition to blogging and tweeting, Midwestern Mama enjoys writing for a variety of publications. Most recently, she’s written for Your Teen Magazine for Parents, In Recovery Magazine and Renew Magazine. Take a peek at some current articles.

Podcasts aren’t quite the same as writing articles, but Midwestern Mama thought you might like to listen to a couple these:




The article for Your Teen Magazine focuses on back-so-school strategies for parents and other adults of influence. Drugs, Alcohol, and Back to School – Advice for Parents

In Recovery Magazine features an article about maintaining your marriage when confronted with your kid’s attention-sucking addiction. 2015 IRM Fall McKinney-1

And, for Renew Magazine, I’ve written an update on #SoberSon as he makes progress in recovery. (It was written when he was 9-months sober and published as he neared 14-months sober … and still going strong!) A Family’s Roller Coaster Ride Begins to Slow – Features – News _ Renew Everyday

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