The Terrific, Not Terrible, Twos!

The blog is two years old today! Thanks for supporting us and being part of the #OYACommunity
The blog is two years old today! Thanks for supporting us and being part of the #OYACommunity

Two years ago today, I stopped talking about a blog, logged on to and made it happen.

For several years, I had been writing some magazine articles and a biweekly newspaper column about parenting our son through his addiction to drugs. It seemed there was a bigger audience, however, so about six months prior to the blog, I began tweeting as @OurYoungAddicts.

There was so much more to share than was possible within 140 characters, and I hoped some of the online audience would follow to the blog. The first posts were primitive at best in terms of layout – just type with a colored background. It was a start and it felt good. From that point forward, the words kept flowing as did the following.

More recently, Our Young Addicts created a logo and focused the content to focus on sharing our experiences, offering resources and instilling hope while continuing to foster a community of parents and professionals who care and are concerned about the young addicts in their lives – no matter where the kid may be in terms of addiction and recovery.

Twitter remains quite active with multiple posts each day and significant engagement through Tweet chats including #AddictionChat on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. CT and #CADAChat on Thursday afternoons at 3 p.m. CT. We also post at least once a week on Facebook.

Our deepest content, however, appears on the website and through the blog. Here, we have created and curated resources – with more to come – and Midwestern Mama (that’s me) continues to provide updates on her family.

Our guest blog posts now run on Wednesdays. These alternate from a parent’s perspective, to insights from a person in recovery who actively used as a young adult (as early as tweens through 20s), and to the expertise of an addiction and recovery professional.

There’s more to come as Our Young Addicts grows. Without a doubt, we’re celebrating the terrific twos and are celebrating your support and participation!

Midwestern Mama

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