30 Days of Gratitude – 2018


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday mostly because it’s about gathering together with family and friends – no presents, just our presence. It’s about gratitude and taking time to savor and to reflect.

The first column that I wrote about addiction was published in the Pioneer Press on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 2011. Leading up to that, our family had been through the wringer and I had spent the better part of the months leading up to that column processing the journey; as tough as those days were, an attitude of gratitude was my saving grace.

Once the OYA Community formed with social media and blogging, I started celebrating 30 Days of Gratitude with a daily expression on Twitter and Facebook and including a hashtag so others could participate.

Our journey through addiction, treatment and recovery continue and gratitude remains key to it all.

Thus far, for #gratitude2018 these include:

Day 1: Today, I am grateful to learn more about family recovery services at my son’s outpatient treatment program.

Day 2: Today, I am grateful for an afternoon walk in the woods with our family dog.

Duke in the woods

Day 3: Today, I am grateful for not having to wake up with an alarm – sleeping in on Saturday.

Day 4: Today, I am grateful for a quiet day at home before the busy work week ahead.

What are you grateful for? #gratitude2018

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