Trust in Recovery

If there’s one thing that addiction robs from us, it’s trust. For me, no longer trusting our son was one of the most devastating parts of his addiction. We had always had such a strong relationship but though his attitude, behavior and mood changes, his actions – and his words – changed and we could no longer trust him. If you’re living with a loved one who has a substance-use disorder, you know this all too well.

But let me tell you, in recovery the trust returns. Slowly. Over time. And as it comes back, it’s stronger than ever.

More over, it’s two-way trust.

When my son was a child, he trusted us because we were his parents. During addiction, his brain was high jacked by substances that eroded the trust between us and often we were at odds and became skeptical of each other. However, as part of recovery, we are now a team – a team that includes an adult kid, two siblings, two adult parents … and our family dog.

We are a team. We coordinate needs and interests. We share schedules. We help each other out and we support each other. We trust each other.

In recognition of September being national Recovery Month, I hope you and your family will find the return of trust. #TrustFeelsGood

Midwestern Mama


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