Is Your Child or Loved One Using Drugs?


Drug testing. Parents have a lot of questions about drug testing, so one of our twitter contacts offered up the following guest blog post. As a first step, many families wonder about drug tests you can purchase at a pharmacy or a reputable online source. More sophisticated and accurate testing can be done by labs that specialize in working with treatment programs. In addition, check out #AddictionChat from August 24, 2016, with expert Q&A with Burlington Labs. MWM

So… Are you once again sitting at the kitchen table and staring off into space wondering where your kid is and what drugs they are doing right now?  What’s it going to be like when they come home?  Are they even going to make it home?  The way things are today, there are many moms in this same position day in and day out just praying for a change.  Knowing for sure where you stand is one way to get this ball rolling in the right direction.  Drug testing your children or loved one at home or at a medical facility will make certain a number of things.

Drug Testing Solutions

You will now know within 99.7% accuracy what drugs, and in some tests the number of drugs in their system.  The conversation becomes difficult, especially as a parent, to talk about not only the use of drugs but having your child admit they are addicted.  An addict will minimize and lie to avoid the confrontation.  They will animatedly deny they are using or down play the use of heroin as just smoking pot. Many addicts are masters at manipulation, but being armed with the knowledge of the disease of addiction will assist you in holding your ground. No more enabling your child to continue using by being in denial or exhibiting co-dependent behaviors. It’s time to take action.

The easiest, most private, and fastest way to get to the bottom and have sound answers for once is an instant 12 panel drug test.  A panel refers to a drug class.  So that means there will be 12 drugs tested.  The tests come in several options, but the 12 panel will give you a broader determination of the drugs being abused.  Theses test kits can be bought at most pharmacies or even ordered online, but make sure it’s a reputable site. Online drug testing solutions offer both the standard urine test cup and the all new saliva test. The saliva test is a revolutionary oral swab that provides instant and accurate results. I recommend the saliva test because there is less chance of altering the results.

What a number of parents do, and what I recommend, is having the test on the same kitchen table you were sitting at one point feeling hopeless.  Then your child knows the gig is up.  Expect resistance and a song and dance but hold to you guns. This is the time to be proactive.  Make this happen.  Be level and straight up.  Tell them how you feel and do not falter.  Let them know no matter what you love them and it will be OK!

They may pull all types of tricks.  They will try and alter the test.  They may dip it in the toilet and use that water.  Catch them off guard so they are not prepared or expect the drug test.  Drug addicts are slick.  Don’t let anything get passed you.  They will be ready after the first time when they come home with clean pee in a bottle, or have dried bleach on their fingers to alter the tests.  Just remember the whole purpose is the knowledge.  The facts.  No more guessing, no more not trusting or disbelief.

Having a supply of cups at home at all times will work great as a deterrent.  If your loved one or child knows every day they come home and there is a test on the table… you mean business.  Continual drug use does not get better and life will only get progressively worse.  No matter how hard or how uncomfortable, a great first step to helping your child, who you think is abusing drugs, is to know for sure and that knowledge comes with a drug test.

About The Author

Dana Kippel is a case manager at Oceans Medical Centers ( a full spectrum mental health and substance abuse facility in always sunny Boynton Beach, Florida.  She has a passion for families and their struggle in addiction and wants to share her real world experience with others. Phone: (561) 376-8130 Email:

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