Building Community in Recovery


In a local coffee shop, I took a few minutes to check the OYA twitter feed and noticed an interesting chat taking place – #CADAChat. That was a couple of years ago and whenever I have a some free time on Thursday afternoons, I gladly join the tweet chat making amazing connections with others who share a similar commitment to the recovery community. Today’s guest blogger is the #CADAChat creator, Mary Mangione. Learn more about the community she is building! Without a doubt, Mary is one of the most welcoming voices for the recovery community; I am grateful to know her! MWM

As a social media specialist at Recovery Brands, my primary job is to interact with people in the recovery space to build a sense of community around our brand. Prior to being hired, I had my own perception of addiction, a perception that was based upon friends, family, the media, and, unfortunately, the stigma that is so often associated with chemical dependency.

In hopes of changing my perception, I spent hours reading articles about addiction — substances, signs and symptoms, underlying issues, and treatment models. While many differed in their specifics, they all stemmed from a theme of stigma and lack of support. And in that moment, it finally hit me: as a society, we have the power to bring an end to the shame and disgrace of addiction by sharing our stories with others.

As I continued to hone my social media skills and knowledge of addiction, I developed a sense of purpose in this space. Not only was my job to share our various informational resources, but I also had a duty to bring people together – to collectively build a community of hope.

In February of 2014, I launched a weekly Twitter chat series, #CADAChat, via our account @DrugAbuse. I remember being incredibly nervous because I had never hosted a chat and had no idea if anyone would even show up! The topic was “The Dangers of Meth” and, to my surprise, not only did people show up, they actively participated.

Fast forward two years, and I’ve hosted over 65 editions of #CADAChat. It’s been one of my greatest tools of growth in the digital space and has allowed me to make meaningful connections with so many amazing people — including MWM. Each week, we delve into the many facets of addiction and share life-saving recovery tips with one another. I find it to be a great source of information and hope, in an often hopeless space.

Through these chats, we’ve created an ongoing discussion on the ways we can combat stigma and encourage people to actively choose recovery. I’ve found that the more people come together, the stronger and louder our conversation becomes. The #CADAChat community is built on the idea that, when we share our stories, we truly give recovery a voice.

As members of a community, we’re less likely to feel alone because we’re included in and supported by a group of like-minded people. The concept of inclusion is huge in staying accountable, feeling worthy, and promoting an overall sense of happiness in recovery.

About Mary Mangione:

Mary is a social media specialist at Recovery Brands. Through a portfolio of authoritative web properties such as and, Recovery Brands helps connect individuals in need of addiction treatment with facilities that can provide care. The company’s sites equip consumers with valuable resources to make informed treatment decisions, and also allow treatment providers to connect with individuals seeking care by showcasing key facility offerings through robust profile listings. Complete with comprehensive online directories, facility ratings and reviews, forums and professional communities, site visitors can more efficiently compare and select the treatment options that best meet their recovery needs. For more information, visit or follow @RecoveryBrands.

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