Three years ago this week, the Our Young Addicts blog launched with the word “help” followed by an exclamation point.


It wasn’t a call for help rather it was an acknowledgement that there were others other there, like me, who might be searching for others who were parenting a young person with a substance-use disorder (a term for addiction that wasn’t really being used in 2013). It was also a realization that we needed to dialogue with addiction/treatment/recovery professionals.

Shortly thereafter, the blog turned into a website with links, resources and more: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and community events.  A community started to grow. It was no longer me, it became us.

While I didn’t know the answers, I sure as heck had amassed a lot of experience and resources, and in my mind, hope always existed even when things seemed hopeless.

Today, Our Young Addicts is a community of parents and professionals who share experience, resources and hope no matter where a young person may be on the spectrum of addiction, treatment and recovery.

So much has changed, for the better, in the three years since this blog launched. It’s a wonderful reminder of what is possible. It’s just the kind of reminder that we need when we’re in the throes of a young person’s addiction – whether we are their parent or an addiction/treatment/recovery professional working with the young person and their family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Three thank you’s because, this week we are three years old.)

Midwestern Mama aka Rose McKinney

©2016 Our Young Addicts            All Rights Reserved.


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