Good Summertime Reading


Summertime is a wonderful time to dig into insightful, thoughtful reading material. While we won’t be offering the latest in fiction, mysteries, sci-fi or fantasy, we do have an outstanding line up of guest bloggers this summer.

Our guest bloggers include parents, addiction professionals and people in recovery who used substances during their young adulthood. They share experience, offer resources and provide hope on the spectrum of addiction, treatment and recovery. Be sure to check out these upcoming posts on Wednesdays.

  • June 15 – Charma Carpenter: The parent of a young person in treatment and author of a book about keeping faith.
  • June 22 – Rose Lockinger: A frequent guest blogger for Our Young Addicts, she is a parent and person in long-term recovery.
  • June 29 – Kim Bemis: An addiction professional, a father and a person in long-term recovery, Kim is the creator of a digital prevention program for parents and young adults.
  • July 6 – Jason Reed: An eating-disorder counselor at Melrose Center, he has a keen understanding of co-occurring substance-use and mental health disorders. Jason was one of our speakers at From Statistics to Solutions this past May.
  • July 13 – Lisa Grimm: A 30-something person in long-term recovery.
  • July 20 – Sherry Stewart-Gaugler: An addiction professional who leads family and spirituality programming for The Retreat. Sherry was one of our speakers at From Statistics to Solutions this past May.
  • July 27 – Lindsey Smith: A regional prevention coordinator in Minnesota. Lindsey has been a key team member/participant for our parent-awareness events with Anoka-Hennepin Schools and was a speaker at From Statistics to Solutions.

I am grateful to each of these authors and the varieties of perspectives they offer. This is the spirit of the #OYACommunity.

Midwestern Mama






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