100 Fun Things to Do Sober – 2016

In early recovery, it’s especially important for parents to encourage young adults to pursue healthy sober activities. MagShores @ SoberCourage has compiled a list of thought starters for people of all ages. Heck you might find some ideas for yourself – or even something you can do together with your kiddo!

One of the things that #SoberSon has enjoyed is watching Netflix to catch up on shows he missed during addiction. Within a few months of recovery, he also earned enough money at his part-time job to get a laptop (he sold the one he’d gotten for college to buy drugs early on in his addiction), so he’s also enjoyed playing video games again and being able to do research, read the news and much more online. Plus, once he started back to college last year, the laptop was vital to doing his homework. All in all, it’s given him a sense of independence and accomplishment. MWM


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