#TBT Thoughts on Pot from 2012

Midwestern Mama has been reviewing a series of drafts from four years ago when her son’s addiction was escalating. At the time of this draft, she knew for certain that he was a pot smoker; she suspected it was a lot more than pot, but hard evidence remained elusive.
When it comes to addiction, there are several schools of thought.  Intervene right away  — and keep at it.  Let the addict bottom out.  Raise the bottom.  It all makes sense … with most addictions — eventually, the addict will have enough consequences that they seek or accept help aka treatment.  They truly become ready and willing to change.  And they have to, because recovery is forever, every single day.
But Pot, good old harmless Pot, is something else altogether.  The user — aside from the consequences of laziness of which there are many — can go on for decades until life and all its potential passes by.  All in the vain of self righteousness.
Now for many people, Pot is more or less harmless, but for an addict — someone who has a chemical dependency disease, Pot is insidious.  Unlike hard drugs, users don’t crap their pants, vomit, pass out, rot their teeth, get sores on their body, etc.  Pot users are less likely to commit violent crimes.  They may steal money from a sibling or sell a belonging to support the habit.  They may not live up to their potential, but they get by and often they are generally well liked.
Their friends usually move on, finish school, get jobs, have families, and while they may occasionally smoke for fun, it’s no longer an obsession, a right or a calling.  The addict is left in the dust, alone, miserable and desperate for the next toke. That’s my son – wondering where his high school friends went. Reality, they went to college, graduated and got jobs, even bought homes and started families. 


Pot is called a gateway drug, and it’s true that most drug use started with Pot or s similar first high.   But there are also Potheads that never advance and in many ways, I think that may be the saddest aspect of all.  Pot is the anti advancement.  It is the ongoing nothing.  It just is.
Midwestern Mama

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