Dear Mom, It’s not your fault.

In spite of doing “all the right things,” and practicing prevention-oriented parenting, our children can get hooked on drugs. This mom-blogger’s did. Mine did, too. We are both extremely lucky that our sons are in recovery. This isn’t always the case. Why our kids? We can’t answer that, but we can share our experiences, provide resources and offer hope for better days ahead. Hugs to all – it’s a path none of us ever expects to travel.

Midwestern Mama

Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Breathe. The anxiety is better when you take in deep breaths and hold them. Count in 1-2-3-4, hold 1-2-3-4, out 1-2-3-4.

You didn’t do this. It’s on the corner, in his school, at that party where you first met the parents. It’s an evil little devil, that drug. Doesn’t matter its name. That sneaky chemical masqueraded as temporary escape, tricking your boy into trying something he had no idea would imprison him.

Hold you head up, Mom. You didn’t do this. I saw you bake those cupcakes, cheer him on at his games, go to his parent teacher conferences. I saw you meet parents before he stayed over, heard you talk to him on his cell phone when he was out, saw you checking his messages and even making him clean his room; yes, he should clean his room.

You did it right, Mom,and I…

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