Drugs Aren’t Worth It

Drugs aren’t worth it. For siblings of drug users, many – fortunately – come to this conclusion. I’m reblogging this post from Know The Truth, because it shows the impact that addiction has on families. MWM



I’m Syd. I’m a 14 (soon to be 15) year old freshman at Cannon Falls high school, and this is my story.

I have been hoping for the last 10 years that my sister would get better. I’m still hoping. My sister is an alcoholic and drug addict. It’s terrible seeing the person you love the most struggle with substance abuse. All the DWI and DUI’s have ruined her life. The drugs ruined her life. It’s hard to even explain. All the times she came home to our dads house drunken and disoriented. All the times I lied for her so she would get yelled at by our dad. That really takes a lot out of a person. Drugs and alcohol aren’t cool or the new hip thing. They ruin people’s lives.

I myself have dealt with methods that aren’t very good to relieve what I go through. I used to…

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