Guest Blog: The Deception of Acceptance


This week’s guest blogger is parent Alexandris Townsend who writes about faith-based acceptance – the key to her son’s recovery from substance use.

Social inclusiveness is a very important and prevalent issue in the lives of our teens and young adults. Learning how to handle and deal with social rejection effectively presents numerous challenges for young people in high school and college settings.  One must learn how to navigate through the arena of diverse peer groups, but yet still feel isolated in addition to battling personal self-esteem issues. Social acceptance was profoundly important to my youngest son during his high school years and even post high school.

Dale’s dealing with this personal issue “social acceptance” over time became extremely detrimental for him. Let me illustrate using these poetic stanzas:

The Deception of Acceptance

To be accepted can become one’s life-long dream

To be accepted can cost the lost of your identity and detour God’s divine purpose. The burden to be accepted what a heavy yoke. This process to be accepted  is painful, humiliating, and degrading because in seeking acceptance you lose you God’s wondrous creation. Agents of Satan began to speak poisonous venom and prophesy evil utterances, hindering your God-given potential and talent. You allow them to do this because to be accepted is more valuable than rejection, the burden to be accepted what heavy yoke. To be accepted carries a devouring price tag in which your destiny, character and self-esteem are distorted and disfigured, leaving you with a hand-written receipt engraved with these words “guilt and condemnation.” To be accepted leads to pathways of self-medicating habits engulfed in a destructive lifestyle. Drowning your hurt, pain, disappointments and sorrows with the Adder’s remedies alcohol and cocaine. To be accepted allows pathways to become gateways to the enemy’s domain. His snares and schemes are hypnotic for they are disguised in the sensual Succubus-Satan’s demon. You are left helpless as a lamb for slaughter until a mighty intercessor cries out on your behalf. To be accepted can cost you your soul and dignity, yes, you become well acquainted with bondage and oppression. What will you render for your soul? Is it really worth “the deception of acceptance?” Only you can know!

Underage drinking became the “vice and self-medicating habit” that became Dale’s coping mechanism in dealing with social acceptance. What started out in part as being recreational/social over time escalated into full blown addiction. The downward spiral of just drinking on the weekends led to drinking everyday leaving him powerless to stop drinking on his own volition. It was heartbreaking as a parent to witness this powerful and destructive affliction that consumed Dale’s life for more than a decade. The power of God’s deliverance came February 21, 2012, when Dale experienced the divine deliverance of God, and entered into a Residential Alcohol Treatment Program for Men in Charlotte NC. He has been on the path of sobriety now for 39 months. Serving as Alcoholic Anonymous Sponsor and is employed as a Peer Coach to those diagnose with mental health and substance abuse challenges.  As a parent I want to encourage other young people in knowing that you are so special to God and He has given your life meaning and purpose. To God you are so VALUABLE, and in Him you are deeply LOVED. Even though you may experience rejection by others God will never reject you because His love is NOT conditional but unconditional.

God commissioned me to write a book about Dale’s journey with alcoholism and it was published last April 2014 “Experiencing The Greatness of God in the Spiritual Realm.” Copies of his inspiring story are available @ The spiritual purpose for me penning this book is to help other families who are still dealing with the devastating effects of alcoholism. Divine intervention lifted my son from the deep despair of addiction. God desires to intervene in your personal struggles with alcoholism; the question is “will you let Him?” I am PRAYING the answer is “YES!” Your life MATTERS to God.

Alexandris Townsend


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