#TBT – Sappy Greeting Cards – For & From Our Young Addict

Throughout our son’s addiction, we made every effort to remain in contact with him and to celebrate family holidays. Often, greeting cards expressed the ideas that we had a hard time saying directly. Midwestern Mama wrote a column in 2012 about some of these cards and the heartwarming, encouraging messages that we exchanged with our son during his addiction.

A Real Mom – Sappy Greetig Cards 2-29-12

2 thoughts on “#TBT – Sappy Greeting Cards – For & From Our Young Addict

  1. Sometimes a card was the best way to say what I couldn’t, face to face. For years I sent Ted every “I believe in you” card I came across. It was my corny but sincere message to him during those using years. He needed to know that no matter what, his mom still believed in him — and I did. I do. Seven years in recovery now, I’m so grateful I never stopped believing in him and told him so, if only in a card.

    1. You get it! When my son was using, I would text him just about every day so that he always knew we were thinking about him. Sometimes, I’d send him something silly like his daily horoscope. Other times, I’d share a short update about something his little brother had done at school or tell him something sweet about the family dog. Usually he would respond and that would let me know he was alive. He didn’t always like the interaction and would lash out at me, but again, it let me know he was alive and it reminded him that our family was here for him. I never regretted reaching out. Like you, I always had hope and belief. Today, this is coming through in his sobriety and recovery.

      I wish the same for all the families out there going through addiction with their kids.


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