Addiction: Not the Result of Bad Parenting


I like cashier at Barnes and Noble. I admire her ability to make polite, intelligent conversation with each new customer based upon their book selection. She clearly is well-read and suited for this job. I have a respect for her.

“Hi,” she says. “And how are you today?”

“Good, thanks.”

“Let’s see what you have here.” She examines the cover. “Danielle Steel…isn’t she that romance writer…the one with all those kids.”

“I think so,” I say.

She looks at the cover again. In addition to His Brigt Light – The Story of Nick Traina, my purchases include the latest issue of In Recovery magazine and Clean by David Sheff; there is clearly a theme, but she doesn’t see it. I decide to educate her.

“This book isn’t romantic; it’s real; her life; the pain of losing her son to mental illness and addiction.”

Without even a second of hesitation she…

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