Chit Chat is Good for The Cause

Whether face-to-face or online, good things happen when we talk – and listen – to each other. Midwestern Mama shares a quick reflection on a recent #AddictionChat and encourages others to participate.

When parents and professionals talk, and more importantly when they listen to each other, we make great strides on the challenges of young-adult substance use. Last night, another online mom and I co-hosted #AddictionChat on Twitter. It was thoughtful, insightful and informative. Participants included parents, young people in recovery, therapists and other professionals, as well as association representatives. Not only did we share a variety of perspectives, we had a chance to understand each other.

Before starting Our Young Addicts, I was hesitant to share much online. Now, I understand why it’s a highly engaging and helpful way to communicate. I have learned so much from listening to others and have found short- and long-term strategies for helping my son, my family and myself. And, I truly believe it helps others. #OYACommunity

If you’d like to join these chats, it’s on Twitter each Wednesday night at 8 p.m. CST. There is a different moderator/co-host each week, and the topics rotate.  The next #AddictionChat on parenting will take place on May 27.

Midwestern Mama

3 thoughts on “Chit Chat is Good for The Cause

  1. Hi MWM, I completely agree with you about the power of the chat!

    I am the sibling/spouse of former addicts and I know the effect drug/alcohol abuse had and continues to have on our family. Like you, I was a bit hesitant to share my experiences because the voices of families of addicts are not often heard, but through Twitter chats I have been able to have some great conversations and meet some wonderful people.

    When ALL of our voices are heard, we can make great strides in the challenge of dealing with addiction!

    1. Hi, Nadine.

      Chat is, indeed, a great way to connect! In fact, I think we first connected on #AddictionChat and what you were saying really resonated with me.

      Are you participating later today on #CADAChat? That’s the other one that I’ve found beneficial.


      1. Thank you so much and yes I think that’s where we first connected and now that I know the schedule I will definitely be there next Wednesday.

        The #CADAChat has been so great for me because ALL viewpoints are represented and that is so important and we have some great discussions. I will be there for today’s chat, it is something I really look forward to on Thursdays and I hope to see you there 🙂

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