Books for Alcohol and Addiction Recovery

There is no shortage of information and inspiration, and this is a good list of books to explore. There are several that are focused on parenting a young addict; one day, I hope to add my own. MM

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I  consume information in a variety of ways. I watch YouTube, read blogs, listen to Podcasts and watch documentaries.  But for certain important subjects, nothing beats the distraction-free practice of turning the pages of a book. If you are struggling from addiction or alcoholism, than I have a short list for you. I have also included titles, for family members, who are suffering because of their loved ones abuse.  Just relying on books alone will not be enough to fix all your problems, but reading the right material can certainly help.

There are thousands of titles that will be of interest to people recovering from an addiction. These books contain valuable information and inspiring stories.  To see a list of the 100 most popular books (on Alcoholism and Addiction) click the Amazon link here and here.

My list follows. To learn more about a title, click on the link to read…

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