Top Ten Tips for Addiction Recovery

It takes time and effort to recover from a Substance Use Disorder. The I Have Will blog has a posted 10 tips to keep in mind – for yourself or a loved one. Thanks for sharing these examples of encouraging actions to take.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tips for Addiction Recovery

  1. Thank you for sharing!
    Feel free to visit my Facebook page: ~ As the Smoke Clears~ for more articles you may share with your group! That is my Memoir’s official page & I only post articles & info on all topics related to Addiction & Mental Illness.
    You can also find my articles on, under “Experts” click on my name & all my articles are listed in archives, &
    & of course I Write Full-Time/Ongoing for you have my permission to share anything you think is helpful to your wonderful group! I’m honored you shared this, thank you. Erika Cormier

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