A Heartwarming Phone Call on a Cold November Evening


Midwestern Mama gets an unexpected phone call that warms her heart on a cold November evening; her son is making amends, recovery is in progress!

It may only be November, but winter is already upon us in Minnesota. The snow and freezing cold temps started about a week ago, an earlier and more frigid start than usual even for this part of the country. We’re craving comfort food to warm our souls. We’ve donned down jackets and mittens, and yes, we’ve already had to shovel the driveway – several times. And, yes, we know that this is only the beginning.

At a time when the seasons are in transition and one year begins to wrap up, it seems my son’s addiction and recovery are also in transition. This time, it feels like a new beginning even though it means trudging through snow and navigating slippery roads.

The hard work underway is welcome. The challenging conditions are welcome. This is indeed the time to express gratitude, to celebrate the season upon us. An unexpected phone call last night reinforced that the hard work and challenging conditions are just the right events at the right time.

Usually when the parent of a young addict mentions a phone call, it conjures up scary and unpleasant things. Even for the parent of a son in recovery, a phone call can trigger all kinds of emotions. This phone call, however, was the best kind of surprise – unexpected and heartwarming.

My son had spent the day with one of his childhood, sober friends. This friend has stuck by him all these years and was part of a family intervention about six months ago. They hung out, played video games, had lunch together, talked about their jobs, you know, just regular stuff that’s popular with 22 year olds.

The phone call I received that evening, however, was from the friend’s mother. (She’s been privy to my son’s addiction and has been a supportive family friend. ) That afternoon on her kitchen counter, she found three twenty-dollar bills and a handwritten note of apology from my son. He said he was sorry for stealing from her and was grateful for how wonderful their family had always been to him.   The mom told me the incident had happened a few years ago and she never knew until now that it had been my son, although she’d had her suspicions. In tears, she said she was so proud of him. By this time, I was teary-eyed, too.

My heart was warm. It remains warm. This was such a big step forward. This was such a sign that recovery is taking hold.

Midwestern Mama


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