30 Days of Gratitude – Join Us!

Hello, friends!

Each day during November, we are Tweeting about something for which we are grateful.  We are also including these on the Our Young Addicts Facebook page, and have decided to provide updates on the blog every few days. Follow along and share some of your #Gratitude2014.

After all, when you care about and are concerned about a loved one’s substance use, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by negativity.  Understandably so.  Yet there are so many things – important things – that we can’t ignore.

For me, gratitude centers around relationships.

Day 6: I am grateful for opportunities to connect with other adults who care and are concerned about the young addicts in their lives. Together, we are making a positive difference.

Day 5: I am grateful for MidAtlantic Mom, who partners with me for Our Young Addicts.

Day 4: I am grateful that our family dog has been such a wonderful presence for our son during addiction, treatment and recovery.

Day 3: I am grateful for all the caring people we have met during our son’s addiction – counselors, parents, and more.

Day 2: I am grateful for my home, and even more grateful that my son is no longer choosing to be homeless.

Day 1: I am grateful for my husband and our three children

With gratitude,

Midwestern Mama


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