Sibling Sleepover

This weekend, we had all three kids at home on Friday night – a real rarity.  Our adult daughter was taking the dog on a charity walk early the next morning, so it made sense for her to stay the night.  Our 14-year-old son, of course, lives at home with us.  And our young addict son has been staying with us the past few nights as he’s once again run out of options and we’re once again encouraging him to go back to treatment.  (If you’ve followed our journey, he’s been homeless due to his drug use and our anti-enabling for much of the past four years … so this letting him back in is a newer strategy that might just be working.)

In the few days our young addict has been home, he’s gone from being a hungover zombie to getting regular sleep, keeping a regular schedule and having regular meals.  We’ve had a reminder of who he is at the core and who he has become at the stronghold of addiction.

For the siblings, every time we can gather them together, it’s healing as well as eye-opening.  Learn more about the impact of drug use on siblings in a recent article that I wrote for Your Teen Magazine:  This publication in print and online holds a wealth of resources, perspectives and tips for raising a teen.  Our Young Addicts is pleased to contribute this story.

After a short, but sweet sleepover, Saturday morning came bright and early.  Daughter and puppy dog left for their walk.  Dad and our 14-year-old left for a sports match.  And I repeatedly tried waking our young addict so he could go watch his younger brother play.  Eventually, he did get up yawning for much of the time.

It was a happy day.

Midwestern Mama





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