Absolutely, please share!

Last week I was talking with one of the professionals who has been with us from midway in our son’s journey.  As I was sharing updates, including pride in the progress Mid Atlantic Mom and I are creating with Our Young Addicts on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, the professional asked if he could share these resources with another client.

Absolutely! (By the way – BTW – I never knew an online experience could prove so valuable until I gave it a try. So,we encourage others to see if it can help them.)

I was once just like this client – a parent looking for resources and trying to do the right things for my son and for myself not to mention for my husband and our other children.  Some days, I truly felt like my roles and responsibilities were colliding. I was acting part on gut and part on advice from others. In time, I was acting on a more spiritual, Higher Power  I desperately wanted someone to give me a simple three-step solution to stop my son from abusing drugs, to get him into treatment and recovery, and to get him back on track with a happy, healthy life.  It felt like there should be something like 1) have a direct, caring and honest conversation with him about our concerns, 2) take him to a doctor or counselor who will enroll him in treatment, and 3) go back to college … and BTW, tell your parents you are sorry for all the concern you caused and thank us for all the time, money and emotions they spent trying to help you.

That plan is far from simple and even farther from realistic. No matter what we said or did, these steps didn’t go as hoped or planned.  Every effort was met with resistance, hurdles, and more.

What I’ve learned is by acting on our gut as well as taking professional advice (conventional and alternative), we continue to do “all the right things” even if the outcomes haven’t always been “right.”  I’m grateful that none of those more experienced than I have said something like,  “OMG what were you thinking Midwestern Mama – that’s the worst thing you could do.” I’d have been mortified that I was not doing the best by our son and family.  Yet, sometimes, I wish someone would have spoken up and said otherwise.  Instead, we have a report card of As for effort but results TBD and I so much want an A (or at the very least a passing grade) for results – not for ours but for our son’s.

Neither Mid Atlantic Mom nor I have the answers, but we’ve each hit on a trifecta that works – one part gut (mom radar), one part advice (a mixture of professional, parental and alternative) and one part faithful spirit (Al-anon or similar).  Please share our resource so that it becomes richer with your contributions – be these experience, professional, alternative, parental, spiritual or whatever works.

We will keep sharing.  Please keep letting us know what’s working – or not working – for you.

Here for you,

Midwestern Mama


3 thoughts on “Absolutely, please share!

  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I just started blogging today about my son’s struggle with drug addiction over the past 15 years. I’m ready to give up hope, but not yet, not yet. I’m hoping by blogging about this, all of which I’ve kept mostly to myself, in some way I will become freer and stronger, to either, finally let go of him, or find the strength to hang on a little bit more. It’s helpful already knowing that there are other moms like you two fighting the good fight to keep their sons alive long enough to finally be free enough of addiction to lead an normal, healthy life.

    1. This is Midwestern Mama. We are so glad you found our blog and are sharing your experience through writing. I started out just keeping notes when my son was in high school because things were happening so quick and crazy that it was hard to keep it all straight. In time, I started turning these into a bit of a diary and then a column and now this blog. Writing is therapeutic especially when you just pour out the words without thinking too much or edits – just let it flow.

      There are days when there seems to be no hope, yet as parents it’s almost impossible to stop hoping.

      We are also on Facebook – there’s a private group at Our Young Addicts, which allows participants to interact but not have comments public outside the group. We are also on Twitter @OurYoungAddicts.

      Each parent who shares is helping themself, their kid and the world. It’s so important to share our feelings, experiences and resources with each other. Together we can make a difference.

      Keep in touch!

      Midwestern Mama

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