A Welcome Phone Call

Parents of  addicts  await and dread the phone call. Will it bring bad news, the unspeakable? Will it be the call for help?  I was surprised and pleased to receive a call from an unidentified number earlier this evening.  My son called to say he is at the new halfway house, he’s in.  I believe this means he passed the UA drug test; clean and sober is a requirement for admission.  He sounded much better than earlier in the day when we were trying to reach him and see if he would accept this Opportunity of a bed and funding to continue recovery programming.  Even though he has been with his user friends the past few days, It appears he hasn’t used.  He asked for his meds (hasn’t taken these since Tuesday) and a towel. No prob – will get there’s to him between work meetings.  High hopes! Thanks for hanging in there with me on the blog and twitter.

More to come, I am extremely sure of that:)

sleep well

Midwestern Mama


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