Onward, Young Addict

This morning went as planned.  Actually, so did last evening.  Phew!

Amid the chaos of transition from treatment to the halfway house, I’m pleased with the general and genuine helpfulness of every participant.  My son was skeptical and a bit combative.  Some of his manipulative, emotionally charged language showed, but overall he was even tempered and collective patience of all participants paid off.

We were fortunate that his great aunt and great uncle live near the treatment program and were willing to have him stay the night at their house.  It was a neutral, if not positive, place for this period of limbo.  His great uncle then brought him to the halfway house this morning and I met them there.  So grateful for family.

I met the intake counselor and one of the techs.  It felt good to see the neighborhood and get a feel for the program.  The counselor gave me a copy of the client handbook, which outlines three phases moving from highly restrictive to moderate to ready for discharge.  It’s anywhere from 30 to 90 days of programming, and likely the recommendation of a sober house for continued aftercare.

This particular program is 12-step.  It does not thrill my son, who has issues with the “powerless” and “higher power” concepts.  (His treatment program was based on a modality called Health Realization.)  They seem accommodating, however, and I hope he will be too.  For the first five days, he must stay on premises and cannot have calls or visitors.  After that, there is more freedom along with structure and accountability.

He will continue taking an antidepressant and an opioid blocker (Naltrexone) to aid in his recovery.  He will be connected with a primary care, psychiatrist and therapist for continuing care in addition to the AA/NA and group work at the halfway house.

We hugged and said I love yous.  I told him we are proud of him, but he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I guess.”  He’s young.

Midwestern Mama



4 thoughts on “Onward, Young Addict

  1. ❤ Hold tight Mama!! Addiction is hard. I know, I am where your son is. I've been sober for nearly 2 months. It can be done!

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