Rehab in Progress: Relief for the Parents

It’s only Day 3 but I’m feeling encouraged by our son’s treatment.  I called the front desk the first night and got a curt response — they couldn’t tell me anything, but said I could leave a message. 

However, last night, my son called from the dorms.  In the scheme of things he sounded OK although he reported that it was all very boring and pointless, a pretty typical response from him.  However, he said, “I guess I’ll stick it out.” 

One item he didn’t think to bring were shower slippers, so I said we would figure out how to get some to him.  And we did.  He has a cousin and great aunt and uncle who live near the treatment center. They kindly ran to Target and got a pair to drop off later that evening.  While he’s not yet permitted visitors, I feel good knowing that he received the shower slippers so quickly and perhaps will draw the conclusion that we truly care.

This afternoon, I got a call from the Center.  My heart stopped, but it was a good call.  Our son had signed information release forms for us and added us to the list for visitation in the upcoming weeks.  His counselor will let us know if and when we should visit.  There is also some sort of family participation program that we can attend.  More info to come.

These may seem like small things, but given that a few years ago our son ran away from a wilderness treatment program in Montana after just nine days we know we can expect him to bolt from a program he doesn’t feel is good for him (even if it really is).

It’s hard to stick with something that challenges your habits and beliefs, but that’s a big part of treatment and the much needed element for our son to begin recovery. 

I am grateful for each day that he sticks with it.  It’s a relief even if just for today!

Midwestern Mama



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