The Journey Continues – Treatment Day 2

Yesterday morning my son entered a 28-day residential treatment program for dual diagnosis – MICD (mental illness & chemical dependency). He was deemed “highly appropriate ” for the program. We hope he will embrace this gift of time to commit to understanding his challenges, feelings, actions and addiction. We pray he is ready and willing for recovery.

Although he is not happy about going to treatment, he realized he no longer has any other options.  He did not put up nearly as much fight as he has previously.  Perhaps his resign will rally as relief once he begins the hard, but insightful work ahead.

Midwestern Mama



2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues – Treatment Day 2

  1. Thank you for the sharing you are doing. I am a dual diagnosis adult in recovery, and I have often seen the pain our parents go through. I wish your son, and the others, the best of luck, and I’ll go on working to help others know recovery is out there.

  2. Tertia, thank you for your comment. I appreciate hearing all the various perspectives on treatment and recovery, and am grateful for the wishes you send to my son. Together, we all move forward. My best to you!

    Midwestern Mama

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