Another Chapter

We got a call earlier this evening that our almost-21-year-old son was picked up with a blood alcohol level of .12. The officer said he could put him in detox, in jail or release him to us. Our son said he and his friends got drunk and then got in a fight. He said they left him at a gas station and took his phone and wallet, and that he must have fallen asleep. That’s when the police showed up. He’s supposed to be at work and will probably lose his job for not calling in. He’ll have to go to court. We are letting him experience the consequences of his choices.

This real time post is part of why Mid Atlantic Mama and I started the Our Young Addicts blog and Twitter feed. More tomorrow.

Midwestern Mama


2 thoughts on “Another Chapter

  1. Letting our young addicts experience the consequences, good and bad, is one of the most loving responses we can make.
    I’m with you Midwestern Mama. I’d like to hear what others think.
    Mid Atlantic Mom

  2. I have not had to make that hard of a decision and I often wondered if I could do just that. My whole intelectual being said to let him suffer the consequences but the heart says something else. I have made small choices that made him suffer the consequences of his actions and if confronted with something more dire I hope those small choices would prepare me for what I believe to be the right thing.

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