Time Magazine – How Much Will A Legal Marijuana Habit Cost You?

I was fascinated by the headline of this recent article in Time Magazine because our son talks so much about the merits of legalized marijuana, including how it would help with his financial woes, which incidentally and ironically are caused by his pot use.  The article cites the black market price for an ounce of weed compared to prices in Colorado and other states where it is now legal.  While there are some cost savings, it’s still an expensive habit not to mention one that doesn’t have positive outcomes for all users.  See link below.

I read with anticipation of getting a handle on this so-called habit.  (Side note, my son’s pot buddy once called him an addict to which my son replied, “I’m not addicted; I’m committed.”  Quite the perspective.)  The article said a habitual, heavy user probably spends around $650/year on Marijuana.

Let’s compare that to Midwestern Mama’s pothead son.  In 2010, when he was supposed to save his high school graduation and part-time job money to pay for his laptop and college textbooks but confessed to being out of money just days before leaving for school, I asked him just how much he was spending on pot.  His answer, around $60/week.    Do the math, and even then at that level (smoking five times a day — significantly more than a “heavy, habitual user” profiled by Time Magazine), it was around $3,000/year.

More recently, I asked him the same question.  Just how much are you spending.  OMG — he spends $200 to $300/week.  Do the math.  OMG — that’s $10,000 to $15,000 per year.  He’s pretty much stoned all day every day.  It’s his normal.  Imagine this, that’s his entire income from working night shifts at a 24-hour restaurant.  No wonder he has no money for anything else, he spends it ALL on pot.

Whether he has a problem with pot or whether pot is the problem, his habit is an expensive one.

Do you know the cost of drugs?  Do you know how much your young addict spends on drugs or alcohol?  Money is an interesting filter on addiction.  It helps me realize why drugs can overrule simple math, simple decision making, and why many will steal or do whatever they have to in order to get the substance to which they are addicted (or “committed”).

Thanks for giving this some consideration.

Midwestern Mama



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