Are we ready for branded and advertised pot?

With marijuana legalization increasing across the country, it’s sparking more than one conversation about the business side of the product.  I work in the marketing field, so this article from AdAge really got me thinking.  Are we ready for branded and advertised pot?  Another recent article in USA Today really drives home at what age pot should be accessible

I have my own views on all these issues, and regardless of having a pothead son (said half with endearment and half with, you know, a smidge of snarkiness), my views remain open minded and I seek to be informed if only to better understand what’s going on.

What do you think? How do you keep informed?

Midwestern Mama


2 thoughts on “Are we ready for branded and advertised pot?

  1. If anyone had asked me about legalizing pot before I found out I had a pothead son, like Midwestern Mama, I would have said it’s none of the Government’s business. I am pretty much a Libertarian and basically believe we should have as few laws as are absolutely necessary. But now…I don’t know how I feel about legalizing marijuana. One thing I do know is that my son had no trouble getting it while it was illegal.
    Mid Atlantic Mom

  2. Good point, legal or illegal, marijuana is readily accessible. (On a different note, parents, please be aware that Heroin is less expensive and quite plentiful in most places. More and more kids and adults are using it and ending up in emergency rooms. Very scary.)

    Our son, who remains in denial that his pot use is a problem, argues that his only problem is that it is illegal … his life would be so much better if marijuana were legal and less expensive. We’ve challenged and actually encouraged him to move to a state where it is now legal. Thus far, he hasn’t because he claims he doesn’t have a car or money to do so and the reason he doesn’t have the means is because pot is so expensive. Crazy logic From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like legal marijuana is any less expensive and could be even more expensive given taxation. We’ve stopped having these circular, go-nowhere conversations with him on this topic because it serves no purpose.

    Share with us some of the conversations you’ve had with your young addicts. Which ones do you continue to have? Which ones are productive and which ones go nowhere? I’m certain Mid Atlantic Mama and I have had very similar ones with our sons.

    Midwestern Mama

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