Welcome to the #OYA Community!


Too many young people are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. OYA is a growing community of parents and professionals who share experiences, resources and hopes – no matter where a young adult may be on the spectrum of experimentation, recreation, use, abuse, addiction, treatment, relapse, or recovery. Join us online via Twitter and Facebook, and follow our blog.

Midwestern Mama created the OYA Community when her 20-something son’s addiction was spiraling out of control; since then, he has experienced sobriety, relapse and recovery and continues to work through these.

The epitome of OYA is having parents and professionals work together in our local communities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S215zhIFGY

We are the proud co-hosts with Know The Truth of the annual conference “From Statistics to Solutions – Addressing the Underlying Issues of Youth Substance Use.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rflvHr4C-Ak

Together, we are the #OYACommunity.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the #OYA Community!

  1. I had not known you all where here on WordPress! I’m now following and will be busy reading your posts “-) And of course, Thanks for taking a peek at my gambling recovery blog. I appreciate the support. XO

    Author, Catherine Lyon

    PS. If you love good books to read? Check out my other WP Blog and see what I do for a living 🙂
    https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com 🙂

      1. Well as we both know, gambling addiction is now reaching our teens and college kids. I try my best to share awareness, educate and inform parents and the public about this alarming topic. Hope to see you soon again on #Addictionchat on Twitter 🙂 *Cat Lyon* @LUV_Recovery XO

  2. Hello,
    I heard Roses podcast today. I have a 22 year old heroin addict son. Hearing everything Rose said is just what I’m going through.
    Tomorrow my son is supposed to go to a medical detox. He told me he would go. I’m just hoping and praying he will go.
    I am just so mentally drained and exhausted.
    Lastly, if he doesn’t go. Can someone please help me with setting boundaries? He will be living with us; myself, my husband and his 12 year old sister.

    1. Roxanne,
      The OYA Community understands what you’re going through because we are parents and professionals who have experience with young adults and addiction. I well remember hoping my son would go to treatment and stick with it; in time he did, but it took several tries before he was ready. You are right about setting boundaries; these are healthy for you and your family. Just the other day, I blogged about what worked for our family – three simple rules. Be sure to check out the post. In the meantime, get involved with a support group in your town or participate in one of the many Twitter chats that address topics such as boundaries. Stay strong and believe that there are better days ahead.

      Midwestern Mama

  3. Love your site! As someone that’s been through treatment and is now sober, the topics definitely hit home. Since leaving treatment, I’ve become a content writer creating articles on sobriety, detox and recovery. The treatment center that helped get me on the right track gave me the opportunity to write and I’ve never looked back. http://www.anewstarttreatment.com is the place that got me sober and we’re all big fans of the OYA site! Keep it up!

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